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Magnolia Brush Manufacturers Ltd. core capabilities are centered in the design and manufacturing of quality brooms and brushes for the professional tradesman. Our broom and brush products are designed with a purpose, constructed for performance and focused around staple set brush technologies.  We offer several other types of brushes and accessories to complement our manufacturing.

Magnolia Brush Manufacturers employs many types of technologies in order to manufacture high quality brush and broom products for the industries we serve. Skilled and dedicated craftsman make brushes by hand and our fully automated staple set technologies gives us the ability to produce a wide range of brush and broom products for the global market.

Combined with our technologies are years of experience in design and performance. Using only the best of available materials, the component selection truly adds to the overall value of our products. Using only the best selections in natural materials such as Tampico and Broomcorn to the top of the line in engineered filament technologies gives us the ability to design for specific applications with the highest degree of brush and broom quality and performance in mind.

Magnolia Brush's capabilities also include sourcing of a wide variety of products. The company manufactures many types of brushes but also imports different types of brushes and ancillary products to enhance our product offering. If we do not manufacture or sell the type of product you are looking for, given the correct quantities we have the ability through our global contacts to locate and source products for you.


  • Staple Set Brushes
  • Paint and Finishing Capabilities
  • Handle Manufacturing and Processing
  • Squeegee manufacturing
  • Product Assembly and Fabrication
  • Specialty and Private Label available