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About Us

Company History

George Zehetner founded Magnolia Brush in 1907 in Houston, Texas. He operated the brush factory in Houston until 1918 as Houston Brush Company.

In 1918 the factory was moved to Dallas, Texas and became known as Magnolia Brush Manufacturing Co. Mr. Zehetner merged with Thorburn Broom Co. in Dallas for a while and the company produced corn brooms, shoeshine brushes, GI scrub brushes and horse brushes for the U.S. Army under a government contract. The partners later separated and Mr. Zehetner continued to operate the factory as Magnolia Brush Company out of a building behind his residence on Richardson Avenue.

Good fortune and growth enabled the business to move to a larger two-story brick building on North Walton Street in downtown Dallas. In 1947 George Zehetner sold the business to Carl W. Zehetner and Albert Schultz, and at that time the company was incorporated under Texas law as Magnolia Brush Manufacturers, Inc.

In 1953 another move was made, and through the efforts of the Clarksville Industrial Foundation, Magnolia Brush Manufacturers, Inc. became Clarksville's first corporate industry.

Carl Zehetner retired in 1995 and sold the business to Kenneth W. Backus. Mr. Backus began working for Magnolia Brush in 1966 and continues to oversee the operation of the business today. In 2003, the company restructured and was converted to a limited partnership, now operating under the name Magnolia Brush Manufacturers, Ltd.

In its present location, the company occupies more than 100,000 square feet of floor space manufacturing over 500 different items by 85 full time employees. Sales continue to grow and distribution is made in all 50 states of the U.S.A. and in some foreign countries.

Since its beginning, Magnolia Brush has been successful in achieving the goal of continued growth and profitability. The company's commitment to employee safety, product quality, competitive pricing and superior customer service has allowed such success. We will continue to uphold our reputation as a leader in the industry by honoring this commitment.