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Round Window Brushes

Filling material is staple set in a foam plastic block with one threaded hole in the top; one tapered hole and one threaded hole in the side. Threaded side hole will accept fountain handle.

Packed in Individual Cartons. Requires standard tapered (TA)  or threaded (TH) handle sold separately.

Item IDDescriptionBlock Size (inches)Trim Length
Carton Weight
Carton QuantityHandle Type*Price includes Handle
1426Black Horsehair4 1/22 1/21212TH or TANo
1426-XHorsehair and Plastic4 1/22 1/211 1/412TH or TANo
1427White Tampico4 1/22 1/211 1/412TH or TANo
1429Flagged Plastic4 1/22 1/21112TH or TANo
1429-NGreen Flagged Nylex4 1/22 1/21112TH or TANo
1428-XCHorsehair and Polypropylene4 1/23 1/21312TH or TANo
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