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Microfiber Cloths

Made from very fine strands of microfiber, these high quality cloths will safely remove dust, dirt and grime without chemicals or detergents. Use damp to clean surfaces or dry for ordinary dusting. Cleans and polishes glass, chrome and brass. Dirt and dust are trapped in the microfiber and removed from the surface.  Non abrasive.

Recommended Use:  Detailing automobiles. Use wherever you would normally use a paper towel or dust cloth. Care: Machine wash separately to avoid picking up lint from other items.

Item IDDescriptionCarton Weight
Carton Quantity
QD-816Y16" x 16" Yellow1 1/210
QD-816B16" x 16" Blue1 1/210
QD-824Y16" x 24" Yellow2   10
QB-824B16 x 24" Blue2   10
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