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Black Top Applicators

Blacktop Squeegee and Brush Coaters
Filling material is staple set in a smooth sanded hardwood block with one threaded handle hole. First, brush the dressing into the cracks and holes, then use the squeegee to spread the excess dressing to next untreated area.

Recommended Use:  The brush and squeegee combination permits a fast and economical distribution of black-top dressing on driveways, streets, roofs and parking areas.

Item IDSize
DescriptionTrim Length
Handle TypeIncludes HandleCarton Weight
Carton Quantity
4312-S12White Tampico. Recommend A-54 or A-60 handle. 2THNo1112
4312-SP12Palmyra. Recommend A-54 or A-60 handle. 2THNo1112
4316-S16Palmyra. Recommend A-54 or A-60 handle. 2THNo1512
4318-S18Cream Polyproplene. Recommend A-54 or A-60 handle. 2THNo1412
4318-PS18Palmyra. Recommend A-54 or A-60 handle. 2THNo1612

Filling material is staple set in smooth hardwood block with one threaded handle hole. Filling material is not affected by sealants or petroleum products. These brushes are designed for the professional sealant and blacktop material applier. Requires standard threaded handle. 

5324-PL24Cream Polyproplene2THNo2212
5336-PL36Cream Polyproplene2THNo3212
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