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100% Virgin Wool

100% Virgin Wool. ¾" dense pile fabric on knit backing, latex coated to prevent shedding and withstand repeated washing. Fast drying and fluffs like new. Meets government specifications.

Assembled with plated bolts and wing nuts. Clear lacquered block 2¾ inches wide. Lower block smooth tumbled ½" thick.

Recommended Use: For institutional and custodial service.

Item ID Width
TypeCarton Weight
Carton Qty.Handle TypeIncludes Handle
231010100% Virgin Wool25 1/212W-54Yes
231212100% Virgin Wool27 1/212W-54Yes
231616100% Virgin Wool33 1/412W-54Yes
231818100% Virgin Wool35 1/212W-54Yes

Packed in individual Poly Bags. Also Available by the roll in 100% Lambs Wool 6" x approx. 55"

311010100% Virgin Wool1 3/412  
311212100% Virgin Wool2   12  
311616100% Virgin Wool2 1/212  
311818100% Virgin Wool2 3/412  


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